Saturday, April 17, 2004


Took Jen's advice and visited Googlism to find myself (?!). Of my two given names, I used the derivative of my middle name, which is usually what I am called. So...who/what is Marg?

Marg is

    my moms name

    spiritual evolution

    one of the first releases of the french mechanoise label??

    absolutely the opposite of sedentary

    a remarkable woman who can balance old...

    a heart

    to help its clients take decisions on the basis of the best possible information

    as free spirited and just as "spunky" as the character she brings to life

    still an unknown place for many people

    unlikely to conform to the complacent image sphiktos describes

    vaguely unhappy

    paid monthly and immediately writes cheques to pay all the bills

    angry at someone

    also creating smaller wall hangings

    the principal avenue of the city on which a large number of institutional and commercial establishments are located

    a symbol of unity among human race

    responsible for all children and adolescents

    involved with her church's worship band...

    ...a mother of two children

    a nurse by trade

    a careful translator and a wonderful writer


    sort of shy
    ...and my very favourite:

    nothing else but God's grace.

Take a break. Google yourself. You might discover real treasure. :-)

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