Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Elann Heaven

It's been too wonderful around here -- like my birthday every day (except I'm buying the prezzies!) I've been on an Elann blitz and am lapping it up.

First off, I finally made my mind up about Clara's KR stationery, and bought adorable kitty cat cards, "Sweet Dreams" :-)

Then I went crazy for the striped top in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting, and got some more of the Esprit/Sock It to Me collection in order to knit one up for my DD. I also got some in the variegated version for some funky sox for fall. Fun!

Meanwhile, in Pop-on Top land, the front and back are together, and one sleeve is in and finished. It's now too heavy to work on when riding transit, so I need to finish it at home. (I promise that eventually there will be photos!)

For busknitting, I am now working on "Sally's Favourite Summer Sweater" in bottle blue Sonata cotton -- also from I've done the first 9" in loose weave and am about to go entirely to smaller needles for a closer weave. One thing I really notice about this pattern is that the slightest glitch -- even a picked-up dropped stitch -- is noticeable -- so I'm glad this is the back, where it'll be hidden under my tush! ;-)

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