Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Spring's Sprung

Regardless of the weather forecast (the "S" word is still prevalent in these parts!), it's definitely Spring! I saw my first Robin Redbreast yesterday atop the fence between our yard and the neighbour's. This weekend we Spring Ahead to Daylight Saving Time, Pop-on Top is springing forward too. The back is finished, and this a.m. on the bus I cast off for the armholes. Twenty-four rows from now, and it's Neckline Time, folks!

A Dear Friend came over last evening for a consultation on the black organza skirt that will accompany this top to my DD's wedding. I thought we'd have to haul out her serger but no -- turns out that, if I take in the waist (!) about 1/2 inch, the skirt will sit properly, and nothing else will be needed. Hooray! Simple solutions, I like!

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