Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I must get going, but first

I thought I'd drop in so anyone else who pops by will know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth in the past 2 weeks. I am just trying to manage the emotional ups and downs that follow a loss. Today, for example, I just want to sleep. I nearly dozed off over my theology reading at My Favourite Coffeeshop at the lunch hour. I could doze off now, if I weren't typing!! And this afternoon, I have to write a report...

Ah well...Yesterday was reasonable. The a.m. was rather chaotic, as DH didn't have his physio due to the holiday (Family Day here in Alberta) -- but had to be taken to the hospital for his dialysis before noon. Meanwhile, DD and Fiance were roaring around packing and preparing to head north to Edmonton, puss-cat in tow. OUR cat, Fred, looked mighty relieved as he saw the Princess put in her car carrier! At the same time, DS was doing some studying -- very publicly in the living room -- to show us he *really does* study -- all the while longing to get back to his videos.

After taking DH to his treatment, I met a friend at Mom's apartment -- and gave him all of her clothes -- hangers and all. He has a lady in mind who can fit into them, and can indeed use them (part of a new refugee family). I am so relieved! Then 'twas off home for lunch and the mail (more estate correspondence), and over to J's for an afternnoon of decaf and sewing.

She was making the Most Spectacular lap quilt/table topper with a Valentine theme -- all red and white and black, some flecked with gold, in a 'Round the World' pattern. As she applied her borders, I hemmed a table runner as a shower gift for DD. The shower is coming up fast -- March 20!

Exhausted after supper, I went to bed early, and comforted myself with some of Carol Bonomo's The Abbey Up the Hill. Still, I could have slept longer...

On the bus/train this a.m. I finished 1/2 the back shaping for J's birthday gift -- one side left and the back will be finished! As I still have 2 months till her birthday, I am feeling Very Good Indeed about my progress.

I see the clock is ticking madly; end of post for now. TTYL...

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