Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Code Continues

Things happen in 3's, right? Well, I'm back to work, but the cold has moved into my nose and throat from my sinuses, and writing is now my clearest form of communication!! I also tire easily, so work s l o w l y to avoid fatigue. Going to keep my massage appointment today, if only to see if it'll work out some of the cold toxins.

DH had a rough day yesterday and a rough night last night. Gut not working well (part of the I've-had-Type1Diabetes-for-over-40-years syndrome). Ick. I feel so helpless listening to him wretch. Not a pretty site for either of us.

And Mom remains in hospital; they're looking for more little stones like the one they dissolved last week. The stones seem to hang out between her liver and her tummy and wreak all sorts of havoc. Ick again. And I can't visit with this cold. And she doesn't have a phone (didn't want one because hard to reach/hold for her). Sigh.

Good news is I managed to find energy enough to complete all 5 blocks for my "Star for All Seasons" table runner (class is Friday afternoon), and I started a little t-top in Classic Elite "Believe" for a Dear Friend -- her birthday is in April, and the colours suit her to a T (pun intended). I've been taking photos, but my camera isn't digital, so y'all have to wait till I get them developed. Then it will be Photo Gallery time.

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