Friday, January 30, 2004


There is a time of quiet after a funeral or memorial service. Though I will be busy in the weeks to come, managing my mother's estate, I find myself dreaming of her, wanting to call her, or to show her things -- especially the spate of knitting and needlework I've been up to.

I have 3 knitting projects on active duty: the Garter-stitch Aran from Men in Knits (featured in the fall IK); a t-top in lovely, slubby space-dyed Classic Elite "Believe"; and my latest: a bit of 'instant gratification' knitting: a great 'Weekend Pullover' pattern I found in the January 6/04 issue of Woman's Day. Chunky yarn (they use Jaeger's Natural Fleece) at 10 sts/15 rows to 4"; large needles (9 mm)...I started it on the bus yesterday and in no time was 2/3 the way up the back. I am using some Gedifra "Dandy" from my stash, in a glorious, tweedy, olive-y colourway. It's gonna be great with slacks!

On the needlework front, I have now completed the first band (of 3) in the "Winter" sampler for the Four Seasons Sampler Club at Traditional Stitches. If I keep it up, I may get the second band done, and be up to date (!) in time for our next meeting on Feb. 20th.

I have found, though, that I've had no real desire to quilt. I have booked two Sew Behind Fridays at My Sewing Room, however -- Feb. 6 and 13 -- and hope to make good headway on a gift quilt on which I'm working. I hope so -- because I have a long-arm quilting date there on Feb. 20!!

I have also gone back to work...and find I am dealing best with data entry and analysis, rather than with writing. I am so easily distracted, that it's best to keep my hands busy and my brain calm. In a way, the extremely cold weather suits my mood: I prefer to work quietly in either home or office, with steady, repetitive activities and gentle books as my chief pre-occupations.

All for now...

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