Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Fun with Fabric

Took my topper for the Fabric Cottage 2003 Quilt Challenge over to the shop Monday evening, and was greeted with smiles and praise. Ah! How to warm the heart of a novice quilter! It did me so much good that I promptly went home and started to work on a table runner that I wanted to do for the mom of my future SIL. I call it 'Scrappy Thimbleberries', and am about 1/2 way through the assembly.

Yesterday the last ball of Boa arrived from Mary Maxim for mom's shoulder shawl, so I'll likely get that finished over the weekend too. Meanwhile, I am knitting furiously on a block for our dear "Queen Bee" at KR. It's a busy time, but my hands are happy.

My "LD" (as Bess would call him, is in his last week of his first university semester, and will be home Dec. 16, after finals. It's been a real struggle for him since September, but he told me last week, "I can't leave, Mom; I'm learning too much!" Am I proud or what?!

Our Elder Darlin' (ED?) will be home Christmas Eve -- for 3-4 days. She and her fiance bought their first tree together yesterday...sorry...there's somethin' in my eye...

I am grateful that she is breaking away from us so gently. Though I know that this has been planned, and that it's what's s'posed to happen, it's a wrench, and both my DH and I have mixed emotions.

Speaking of which, he was home for his 51st B'day last week, for the first time in 2-3 years, and God willing, will be home for his first Christmas this century!! Ah, God is good...

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