Sunday, November 02, 2003

Sewing Sunday

It's grey and cloudy outside, and snow-flurrying. So...having returned from the early service at church, I am quite content to stay indoors with my fave chick-flick (84 Charing Cross Road) and my bundle of UFOs.

Yep, now that it's November, I'm on a Finishing Frenzy. At the same time, I'm reverse knitting the Boa boot I finished this week. When I adjusted the size, I knew it would fit Mom, but it was ug-lee...and I decided to convert the yarn into a shoulder shawl. After spending most of Friday afternoon with Mom in Emerg (angina), where she was cold all the time (despite heated blankets over her), I decided the shawl would be more useful.

The past few evenings have been taken up with a hybrid of quilting and sewing as I work on a Project-that-must-remain-unnamed for my sis' birthday. I sure hope she likes it!! :-)

My Busknitting for this week is the finishing of my second Healthful Throw square:

It's a return to cables for me after some time...and I'm lovin' it. Also good practice for the cardigan DH wants me to knit for him. It's the "Garter Stitch Aran Cardigan" from IK, Fall '03 -- also found in Tara Jon Manning's Men in Knits. I'm doing it in a cream-coloured acrylic from my stash, 'cos DH is sensitive to wool, and he'll be wearing it over short-sleeved shirts and tees (he hates long sleeves!)

Best stop chattin' and start finishin' (and startin'). Have a great Sunday....

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