Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Baby It's Cold Outside

Bloody cold!! Woke up to -20C this morning (it was -23C yesterday -- a record low over most of S. Alberta). Sigh. Good thing I finally sewed on the button missing from the centre of my long black wool overcoat. 'Twas getting so my Boa scarf couldn't keep out the chill!

I am knitting again in Boa -- but no, not the Boots. The Boots have been scrapped!! I have switched to a Boa-alone shawl -- using an "Easy Lace Shawl" pattern passed on to me by one of my beloved KR knitsisters. After five -- count 'em -- five false starts, I've finally managed to get the yarn to cooperate through the ongoing Y2togs, thus eliminating gaping holes, and it seems to be turning out quite well. Now it remains to be seen whether or not I'll need another ball of the stuff (I have two, and have just about finished the first).

As for the HFT square, it's just about finished, and I like it so much (mmmm, cables) that I just might use the same pattern for HFT III! And IV!

While the KR gals and Clara are on their retreat this weekend, I'll be retreating too. I'm off to the Delta Hotel in Kananaskis with the gang from Freckles for a weekend of leisure and quilting, quilting, quilting! I am taking with me two UFOs -- the Project-that-must-remain-unnamed (for my Sis, who turned 50 yesterday) (I'm sure she'd just love it if she knew I let y'all know that!!), and an as-yet-unstarted mini-quilt for the Fabric Cottage 2003 charity quilt challenge -- due Dec. 1!!! It's my first one, and the first time I'll have a quilt on display anywhere...Oy!

For in-bed-times, I'm taking my usual -- journal, various books and, of course, abovementioned WIPs.

Travelling mercies, KR gals! Only 2 more sleeps!

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