Saturday, October 18, 2003


Just a few words before I go out into the deliciously clear early morning air for a walk with my friend Orion...

I was up very early this a.m. and so decided to begin the process of getting my Colinette AbFab Throw ready to knit. This involves ball-winding for 5 glorious hanks of yarn -- 3 of which are wonderful but sticky mohair. To this point, I have 3 done -- all the easy ones (!) and one of the mohair. The last is a blue grey shot through with a bit of pink, and as I wound it up, it was as if I was running smoke through my fingers.

Later today, I'll cast on -- and yes, the instructions begin with the mohair. I can't tell right off the bat whether or not I have to start with a particular colour of the stuff, so I guess I'll have to reread the instructions. I've chosen the 'wavy' pattern (i.e. the scallops) as it is indeed a favourite of mine. And don't you think the model on the holiday issue of Vogue Knitting is wearing a mini-throw? Perhaps if I get bogged down with a full-sized afghan....

Time to get the muscles moving. TTYL!

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