Wednesday, September 24, 2003

So I've been thinkin'...

What kind of handiwoman does this make me?

Practical, serious, efficient; -- Don't you dare look at my stash!

Steady, with a step-by-step approach to situations; Always reads the pattern from beginning to end before starting? (Yeah, right...)

Seen by others as responsible and dependable; Never knits at red lights...hmmmm?

Loyal; To my favourite OYS, LQS* and LNS, for sure!

A planner and organizer of facts and details for practical results; I do have my patterns in binders, my yarn in baskets and compartments, my books shelved as to topic, and my fabric...all over my dining room!!


One who prefers structure and routine. If I'm awake, I must be knitting. If it's Friday, I take time to quilt. In between, I embroider...

*Alas and heavy sigh...My Sewing Room has no website (yet)...

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