Saturday, August 30, 2003

Gearin' Up!

The Kids are home (photo later) and it's going to be a lively weekend. They are headed out tonight to Shank's, a local games/dancing/bar, for fun and fellowship with some of DS' friends, as this is the last weekend of the summer and the last time they'll see each other till Thanksgiving (October here in the Great White North) or Christmas. We head out Monday a.m. to Lethbridge and the university there...J and P are studying at U of C (business and engineering, respectively), S is going into his 3rd year there (polisci and econ), and Big N, his 2nd (engineering). DS and D-almost-SIL are just happily celebrating their engagement!

Meanwhile, Yours Truly and DH will keep home and hearth open and warm and welcoming for sleepyheads, put food on the table, and watch DD's kitten, who is determined to give our Ruling Housecat a run for his money!

More anon...

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