Saturday, July 05, 2003

Look up. Look 'way-y-y-y up...

I've painted my first ceiling! Now I know how Michaelangelo must've felt -- and I was only doing a single coat -- all one colour!! Good thing I'm having my regular therapeutic massage on Tuesday -- though I suspect I'll catch heck from Nena. She doesn't like it when I do things to jeopardize my neck and shoulders (sigh). I haven't told her how much I knit!! :-)

Anyway, after an afternoon's hard painting, our main bath is now "Mint Tea" green. Loverly, if I do say so m'self! One more coat is needed to really do the trick, though, so my neck won't be un-kinked any time soon!!

Speaking of knitting, I got two great books from Marsha at Needle Arts Bookshop yesterday: The Joy of Knitting Companion and The Sock Calendar: Socks for All Seasons. The latter is a book, not a wall-style calendar, and has the most gorgeous photos! Who would think one could drool over sox?!

On the Knit-Along front, I have to cast on my second sleeve for the SCC. DH and DS are going out this evening for driving practice (car, that is), so I'm planning to stick the latest Murder, She Wrote TV movie in the VCR (I can never manage to view them when they are on originally) and work on SCC. Yes, I know I could spend the evening scanning in my retreat photos. Don't remind me; later, later...

And yes, I know I have two (count 'em) books to read...

But hey, when the knitting bug hits, ya gotta go with it.


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