Monday, June 09, 2003

A Myriad of Things...

I just realized it's been over a week since I've dropped in to My Blog. I've had a myriad of things running through my brain -- ideas for little columns -- but not the opportunity (or motivation) to sit down to type (sigh). Could have something to do with the fact my thyroxine production (low and under treatment for years) has dipped -- a fact I just found out this morning. No wonder I've been dozing off in the cafe where I lunch every day!!

Spring has Finally Sprung

I got my garden in over the past week, and already my radishes and lettuce are poking their itty bitty heads out of the earth! The lilacs exploded over night one night, and are now nearly finished. I've boosted my perennials with a variety of ground cover, plus 2 gorgeous peonies and a hardy shrub rose. My larger (of 2) apple tree was a mass of blooms last week so if the bumbly bees have done their work, we should have a great crop of crisp, crunchy beauties in September. Photo tour before too long, I promise!


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