Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I Gave a Party and Nobody Came

Well, now I know why the Knitting Meet-up has been cancelled at least 3x in succession. I went to Starbuck's/Chapters in Crowfoot Mall, a bit panicked because it was a couple of minutes after 7:30 p.m. I got my coffee and found a chair near they fireplace, putting my SWAK bag on the opposite chair. I figured if there were 3 of us, one could sit by the fireplace, seeing as it was off for the summer.

7:45 p.m. No one fitting the description of the gal I was looking for had arrived. My knitting/quilting DGF (Dear Girlfriend) hadn't either.

8:00 p.m. Just me and my SCC, sippin' and knittin'.

8:30 p.m. Having finished my coffee and several inches of knitting, I gave up and went on a book browse. Chapters had the summer issue of Knitter's, which I bought to keep from drooling on the pages. Now that I've been working out at curves, there are a couple of things I might even try -- like the sexy knit dress, p. 39 (yes!!) and one or two of the sleeveless tops...I particularly like "Vanilla Freeze" (made in Classic Elite, which I have never used) on p. 48/49. Then there's a neat T-top on p. 54/55 (in Jaeger Albany, another new one for me), which I'd make without the tie accent. And "Blueberry Shimmer", a long-sleeved, simple open-necked top in denim...(p. 56/57) and "EverGreen" a jacket for fall (p. 58/59) that I think I'd make in a glorious, rich purple or maroon, or garnet...and "Juggle Your Pleasure", a multi-coloured hat (that comes with 3 balls for juggling, which I'd skip) would be a perfect Christmas gift for the daughter of close friends...

So you see, the evening wasn't a total bust! I got my knittin' in, and a great mag to boot!

Will I try again? Well, maybe...

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