Saturday, May 31, 2003

At Last!

I have been promising photos for this sight for a while now, and at last today I took 2 that my DH took with his digital camera, and I resized them so that (hopefully!!) they will show up *on the page* without taking up the entire thing! This first one is the early stages of my Gedifra Dandy jacket, after I'd found enough yarn to make it the proper size and so had frogged it back to the RH scarf and was starting over. It's growing now, so phase II will come in a few weeks!

Isn't this a great colourway?! It fairly *glows*! And's been discontinued! :-(

For My Quilting Friends...

Just so you won't feel left out, the link below will take you to a shot of me, relaxing under my first Magic Tiles quilt, beginning to knit my lovely Conwy socks (from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush) in that lovely "Tomcat" Wildefoote from Brown Sheep:

Look Ma -- I Can Do It With My Eyes Closed!

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