Saturday, April 26, 2003


It's a snowy Saturday evening -- snowing and blowing still, to be precise -- so I thought I'd try out my new ability to post photos with one of the apples grown on the 2 trees in my garden last summer:


How d'ya like them apples?! As soon as I figure out how to crop the photos I want to use down to a manageable size, I'll try again, and put something on the page directly (no links)!

On the knitting front...I've managed to finish the back of my teal Silke-Tweede sleeveless top (my contribution to the BNS "knit-along" with my friends from KR), and have now to start the front. However, while I'm at home, I'm working on the all-of-a-piece jacket from Knitters, which is too large now to carry about.

Problem: I lost a new ball of Gedifra Dandy for this sweater last night!!! You won't believe this, but as I went out the door to pick up my son from his job (about 9:15 p.m.), I grabbed up my Dandy sweater, needles 'n' all, and took it with me. However, I didn't realize that, as I got into the car (in the rain and wind), that the ball of yarn had gotten loose and didn't make it into the car. Didn't realize it, that is, till I got to the mall where he works (about 7 minutes away) and went to knit...with just a strand of the wool dangling off the needles...(heavy sigh).

I went on KR today to look for it, with mixed results. Someone is selling 2 balls of the exact yarn (colour too) on e-Bay, but the first (and only) bidder had bid $45 USD!!! (that's about $68 CAD) for yarn that usually retails for about $12.95 CAD!!! I'm not that desperate!! I did find a store in Toronto that say they carry best bet will be to e-mail them to be sure they still have some in stock, as I am sure this stuff is now out of production.

As They say, "These things are sent to try us..."

As for quilting...I have to take some time this weekend to sew my Saturday Block together, as May 3 will be here before I know it. I did manage to cut it out earlier this week, but with all the little triangles and points on this one, I knew I didn't have the strength or the energy to start to sew! I can transpose pieces when I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...I wasn't about to try it out after a long day doing tax returns!

Off to check out a couple of new links for the Blog. See if you can spot them...

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