Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The snow remains, but our weather has warmed up considerably. They say that Canadians are defined by their weather, and that it is the most-discussed topic whenever Canucks meet...given its extremes, the heat of our summers and the cold of our winters, I am not the least surprised!

I am still working on my "Devil's Claw", as I had to frog part of each of 4 corner squares. I seem to have the amazing ability to think I know what it's supposed to look like, and then to turn around and do something completely different!! In the interim, however, I have finished that cardigan sleeve -- the second -- and now to begin the task of assembling the garment and trimming the front and neckline with garter stitch. Sigh. Assembly has never been my favourite bit. Any feedback? Any ideas to make it less arduous (besides converting everything to knitting in the round and learning the fine art of steeks?!)? E-mail me at (see link on the sidebar).

On the 'new' front, today I cast on the deep turquoise silk yarn for the back of the undersweater (that goes with the cardigan) -- see "Knit It" magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Premier Issue, p. 45 (model) and pp. 94-96 (instructions). It's gorgeous!!! And the colour is that of a polished aquamarine...can't you just feel it?!

As we head to the weekend, and Valentine's Day, here's to all who are risking and making a sweater for a boyfriend. And here's to all the couples who survived that risk and took the even-greater one: marriage. Here's to all who live and love with honesty, passion and commitment. Happy Valentine's Day!

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